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About Parent Consulting

Young People are as beautiful as they are complex. Parenting can provide us with many challenges.

Adrienne has a particular interest in children presenting with complex behaviour who do not always respond well to more conventional parenting approaches. These children often require a gentler, more connecting type of parenting despite their presenting behaviour which tends to push adults away. If you are in a parenting crisis or struggling to support the child you are responsible for, visiting Adrienne could be an effective way to get insight into the underlying dynamics that are triggering oppositional or confusing behaviour in your child.

Adrienne has had years of experience as a High School teacher tangling with some of the most challenging of teens, as well as some of the most fragile. She has also parented her own children through difficult times and has experienced the heartache and pain alongside the joy that raising young people can bring.


This is not counselling or therapy. It is an insight-based approach. Adrienne brings insight into the challenging and confusing behaviours of young people using parenting wisdom from internationally renowned psychologist Gordon Neufeld alongside a thorough understanding of human development. Once you as a parent have insight into why a child is behaving this way, you are better equipped to work out what to do about it.

About Adrienne

Adrienne Wood is a presenter, educator and parent consultant. She has a particular interest in children presenting with complex behavioural needs. Drawing on her training with the Neufeld Institute, she seeks to help parents and professionals better understand youth from an attachment based developmental perspective. Adrienne is an experienced high school teacher, lecturer in human development and is mother to two adolescents of her own.

Who should come?

Parent consulting sessions are for parents and caregivers exclusively. Adrienne does not work directly with young people. You are your child's best support, counsellor and 'therapist'. Parent consulting equips you to give them the support they need.

It is ideal if both parents of the child come to the consult so both parents are on the same page with their approach to parenting. You may also like to consider inviting key caregivers involved in raising the child. This may include grandparents, foster carers, or any other key adults involved in parenting your child.

How many sessions?

One session is usually not enough to do justice to the issues young people are presenting with. Those who commit to five sessions will receive their sixth session free of charge.

appointment details

The initial appointment is 90 minutes and follow up appointments are 60 minutes. You may book to see Adrienne by Skype or in person. Premises are in Pt Chevalier, Auckland.

Are you wondering whether a Parent Consult with Adrienne is right for you? Contact Me with your enquiry before booking if you'd like to ask a question.


Initial appointment: $100
Follow up appointments: $80
*Subsidy available for CSC holders

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Appointment costs*

Initial Appointment $100 (90 minutes)
Follow Up Appointments $80 (60 minutes)

Those who commit to 5 appointments will receive their 6th appointment free.
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Discounted Rate

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